Patrol Services can provide you the opportunity to take responsibility for your financial future while also supporting you in the process of helping to protect others in your community. Patrol Services specializes in security patrols, on-site security, prisoner transport, money transfer, personal protection, civil standby, and other related services with the ultimate goal to deter criminal activity.

Franchises Available

We are Ready to Protect and serve 24×7

Patrol Services provides customers with:

  • Security patrol
  • Speeding services
  • Parking tickets
  • Prisoner transport
  • Money transfer
  • Personal protection
  • Civil standby
  • High-profiled uniform presence in state-of-the-art marked patrol cars
  • Much more!
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Key Advantages:

  • Low entry costs
  • Low operating costs, can run from home office
  • Already licensed in the State of Ohio, can begin immediately without having to go through the lengthy licensing process.
  • Initial training and ongoing regional support fluent in Ohio security operations to maximize your business potential
  • Turn-key solutions with all required vendor relations setup
  • Highly automated franchise operations, can run remotely
  • Do not need to have a law enforcement or military background to open a unit
  • High-profiled uniform presence in state-of-the-art marked patrol cars
  • Highest industry integrity and standards, meets and sometimes exceeds local law enforcement
  • Competition is fragmented and cannot provide similar professional services
  • Do not need to have a law enforcement or military background to open a unit
  • Can be semi-absentee with a general manager for your franchise
  • Growth industry with a highly disciplined work force with military and/or law enforcement backgrounds
  • Pride and satisfaction in offering a critically needed service to your community
  • Large protected territories; only offering 4 in the Cincinnati Market and 6 in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area

Training and Support

The thorough initial training for a Patrol Services International franchise consists of five (5) days of intensive training at our corporate office which includes a minimum of 16 hours of field training, classroom and independent study covering all aspects of a Patrol Services International business.

In addition to the corporate training, your local Ohio Regional Developer will assist you with setting up your local vendor accounts, train you on the Ohio laws and procedures, and help with initial recruitment and sales both from the Regional office and in your local market. Support will be ongoing with the entire Ohio Patrol Services International franchise operators to maximize your business potential and the brand awareness.


We Only Hire the Best :- Patrol Services hires only the best professionally trained officers that have police and/or military backgrounds. Furthermore, only the best technology and vehicles are utilized. Not only are Patrol Services’ personnel and equipment high quality, but our standards are the highest around. In fact, we use the same standards that are instilled by the law enforcement community. This service level is unparalleled to other service providers in the market.
Training and Support :- The training program for a Patrol Services single- or multi- unit franchisee includes training (Complete field training program to cover all aspects of our industry.) covering topics including accounting, business consulting, billing, and more.The training program for a Patrol Services regional developer includes training covering topics including marketing strategies, using the Patrol Service software, and more.
Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority :- Patrol Services strives to deliver the best possible service while fulfilling the obligations of ethical business and security practices. Customer satisfaction is Patrol Services’ top priority.

With a Patrol Services Franchise You Benefit From :-

  • Excellent training program and on-going support
  • High return on investment
  • A business to be proud of
  • A lot of flexibility
Sometimes it’s the little things that make hiring us so beneficial to our clients! Would you want to deal with this?
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