Video Surveillance

Who We Are

Patrol Services International was started by a retired police officer with the goal of bringing the same level of professionalism of officers found in the public sector into the private sector. We are changing the way people view security. As time goes on, police departments resources have been stretched thinner and thinner, and their ability to conduct proactive actions to prevent crime has become ever more diminished. This gap between what the community needs, and what the police are able to provide, grows larger every year. We fill the gap and strive to work alongside local law enforcement agencies to make our communities safer.

Our Surveillance System

Active video monitoring helps give business owners peace of mind that their business is safe, and provides many benefits over passive monitoring. It adds more security to your business by ensuring that events are responded to immediately, rather than hours later when the criminal is long gone.

Our dispatchers are professionally trained to identify activity that is suspicious and to promptly take the appropriate action necessary to help protect your business.

It’s There When You’re Not

We don’t take a break, even when you are. If suspicious activity is detected, we rapidly take appropriate action including notifying local authorities via a 911 call.



In Action

Check out some examples of our equipment catching criminals in the act:

Example 1

Great example of how our motion activated surveillance cameras allow us to respond quickly to events!

Example 2

PSI Officers responded to a suspect cutting the lock at a clients outdoor receptacle. Suspect fled prior to arrival but one of our officers showed the video to the local PD. This resulted in an arrest.

Example 3

Watch PSI officers catch theft suspect in the act using our newest crime fighting tool, portable surveillance cameras!

Example 4

Great example of our newest crime prevention tool! Watch this thief turn and quickly leave. His attempted copper theft was interrupted at 0424 hours.

Normally we would not have the alarm sound so we can catch them in the act but this client is out of town and the response time would be lengthy.

What Others Say

Check out what a few of our existing clients had to say about our surveillance offerings


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